In magento 1 using indexes, we can generate product and category url but in magento 2 using indexes we cannot do this.

I have so many products and category so how can i do this?


In magento2, It generates product and category urls based on given url_key on save event. If you will not provide any url_key it will use name value for generating url_key.
You can find url rewrites in url_rewrite table.
Url rewriting is well managed in Magento2 as compare to 1x versions. It is not dependent on indexing, it will be done whenever you will save the product.

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    ya right but i have 4k product so its take long time to save each product – Newbie May 17 '16 at 5:58
  • it will ... you must be persisting them using csv or magento API ? It won't make any major difference in time and 4k is not that big amount for magento. – Aman Srivastava May 17 '16 at 6:05

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