I have FTP account on server and an account as Magento user.
Is it possible with these codes to gain a Magento account with administrator privileges?


Yes you can.

from app/etc/local.xml get the database credentials and write a small php script to execute the MySQL command listed here https://www.atwix.com/magento/reset-admin-password-mysql/

then run your php script, et voila!

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Short answer: NO.
Long answer: FTP credentials have nothing to do with the application.
And in Magento, the frontend users (customers) are separate from the backend users.
So having a customer account does not give you access in any way to the backend and the other way around.
Off topic: Did you find some FTP credentials and you want to take over someone else's website? :).

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  • Reply to off-topic answer: the service provider is making an arm wrestling with the merchant and it doesn't leave the administrator access at the moment – bobrock4 May 16 '16 at 19:41

Short answer: YES.

Long answer: If you have FTP access, you can gain access to whatever you want. You can manipulate the authentication mechanism, you can hardwire a specific set of credentials to be accepted and grant full admin rights. You can build pages which will output what ever data you want from the database.

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