I know it's very vague but this is more of a general question than anything as I cannot find a solid answer to my question.

I just deployed a new dedicated server and had the hosting management install Percona as well as LiteSpeed. The questions are:

  1. I see a lot of Apache optimizations as far as Magento is concerned but since I installed LSWS Enterprise does the optimization configuration tips apply to LSWS as well? Should I do those that applies to my server environment?

  2. Like question 1 - I had them install PerconaDB as well and I know there are a lot of MySQL tuning for Magento. Do those vanilla MySQL tweaks apply to PerconaDB as well? Or does PerconaDB has it's own configuration file that I should look in to?

Not sure if it matters but here's my server specs: Xeon 4C/8T E3-1240V3 32GB RAM 120 GB Intel SSD 1TB HDD 1Gbps Uplink Speed

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On LiteSpeed part, make sure you have LiteMage module enabled in your license. And you can install LiteMage extension from connect. It's a full page cache for Magento. Comparing using LiteMage and without FPC, you will see 20X difference.

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