My requirement is programatically change the order status to Canceled by using order id.

How to achieve this?


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Even though using the OrderFactory would work, save and load methods are deprecated soon, you should use service contracts instead.

So you can use Magento/Sales/Api/OrderManagementInterface:

First inject an instance in your class constructor:

protected $orderManagement;

public function __construct(
    \Magento\Sales\Api\OrderManagementInterface $orderManagement,
) {
    $this->orderManagement = $orderManagement;

Then use the following:


use \Magento\Sales\Model\OrderFactory by injecting in the constructor, like below : to cancel the order programmatically

protected $_orderFactory;

public function __construct(
     \Magento\Sales\Model\OrderFactory $orderFactory
$this->_orderFactory = $orderFactory;

public function execute()
    $orderId = '1234543343'; // your order id
    $order = $this->_orderFactory->create()->load($orderId);
  • thanks, it worked but load() save() are deprecated soon as per @Raphael +1 from me :-) Commented May 13, 2016 at 11:45

I tried below solution and it works perfect


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