I have this tree of categories in magento with main>subcat>subcat1. 3 levels. I want to sort the first two levels with custom order and the subcategories of the second level alphabetically. I found catalog_category_entity table and I am sorting each categories one by one. The problem is that I have 900 categories and this is a waste of time. I don't know about databases but is there some queries: 1)to select main categories so I can order them custom 2)to select subcategories for same reason 3)to select the third level of categories and sort the automatically in alphabetical order

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Run these queries on the database to achieve your goals.

Query to select main categories:

SELECT * FROM `catalog_category_entity` WHERE `level` = 1;

Query to select subcategories:

SELECT * FROM `catalog_category_entity` WHERE `level` = 2;

To sort alphabetically the third level categories:

/* define a variable */
SET @rownum=0;

/* Pay attention to the attribute_id which must correspond to the Name attribute of the category */
update `catalog_category_entity` cat
join (
    SELECT cce.entity_id
    FROM `catalog_category_entity` cce 
    JOIN `catalog_category_entity_varchar` ccev ON cce.entity_id = ccev.entity_id
    WHERE cce.`level` = 3 and ccev.`attribute_id` = 41 and ccev.`store_id` = 0
    ORDER BY ccev.`value`
) r
on r.entity_id = cat.entity_id
set cat.`position` = (@rownum := @rownum + 1);

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