I am using Magento 2.0.4.

When I'm importing 2 test product thru csv file using the native magento importer , I have included one base image.

I thought Magento would create thumbnail and small image automatically. But in backend and front end thumbnail and small image are missing. Thus, I add the thumbnail and small image in small_image, small_image_label,thumbnail_image,thumbnail_image_label fields in my spreadsheet. But, the problem is thumbnail and small image also show up in product detail.

How can I eliminate thumbnail and small image in product detail? As far as magento do it automatically to generate them, I have installed "GD" but still no hope.

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Add this column to your csv import file:



I am having issues with this though as some products have random images thrown into that area now. Also, I am using the amazon s3 for images, so I dont know if this is causing issues. Hope this helps.

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