This is a followup to my previous question. Previously, I had an issue where the customer created_at attribute was incorrectly assigned a datetime input filter when it should have been date.

However, I still cannot save a customer because of the way Magento is parsing the date.


public function inputFilter($value)
    $filterInput = new \Zend_Filter_LocalizedToNormalized(
        ['date_format' => $this->_dateFormat, 'locale' => $this->localeResolver->getLocale()]
    $filterInternal = new \Zend_Filter_NormalizedToLocalized(
        ['date_format' => DateTime::DATE_INTERNAL_FORMAT, 'locale' => $this->localeResolver->getLocale()]

    $value = $filterInput->filter($value);
    print_r($value) // 2013-07-18 04:00:00
                    // ^ Date is OK!
    $value = $filterInternal->filter($value);
    print_r($value) // 013,-07,-18, 04,:00,:00
                    // ^ Woah, what happened?!
    return $value;

So, why does Zend_Filter_NormalizedToLocalized completely destroy my date format and prevent me from saving Customers?


To solve this problem short-term, I commented out the line:

 $value = $filterInternal->filter($value);

and faced no adverse effects.

Later, I discovered that going into the Admin and going to Customer Attributes, I could edit created_at, and turn off all validation which fixed the problem completely.

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