I have a few problems with indexed pages, therefore i want to no-index a few url's with problems.

/brand/index/ /nieuw/

So these 2 url's and also all other url's below, for example /brand/index/color/... and /nieuw/brand/...

Who can help me and have a solution?


Method 1: In the backend when editing a product/category/cms go to the tab design and add the following to custom layout:

 <reference name="head">
        <action method="setRobots"><meta>NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW</meta></action>

Method 2: You can also set it by using observer using this event controller_action_layout_generate_blocks_after like this:

public function setRobots($observer) 
     $controller = $observer->getAction();
     $fullActionName = $controller->getFullActionName();
     if ($fullActionName == 'catalog_product_view') { //if on product page
          $product = Mage::registry('product'); //access the current product if needed
          if (your condition here) { //condition to set the robots to noindex, nofollow

Method 3: IF you are using custom modlue then it can be added through your controller action like:

    class Arunendra_Athletes_IndexController extends Mage_Core_Controller_Front_Action{
        public function IndexAction() {

            // change robotos with yours 


Note: Change the robots with yours

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  • Thanks for your help! But can it also be fixed by adding the next lines to robots.txt? Disallow: /administrator/ Disallow: /404/ Disallow: /index.php Disallow: /index.html Disallow: /brand/index/* Disallow: /nieuw/* – Maikel May 15 '16 at 8:18

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