Does it have any additional meaning in addition to being an identifier? Any grouping? I checked UPS and it seems to be using it to determine whether and cgi(direct) or and xml request is coming through.

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Yes, you are right it is only used to determine the type of request:

To get the quotes:

protected function _getQuotes()
    switch ($this->getConfigData('type')) {
        case 'UPS':
            return $this->_getCgiQuotes();
        case 'UPS_XML':
            return $this->_getXmlQuotes();

    return null;

To get the tracking:

public function getTracking($trackings)
    if (!is_array($trackings)) {
        $trackings = [$trackings];

    if ($this->getConfigData('type') == 'UPS') {
    } elseif ($this->getConfigData('type') == 'UPS_XML') {

    return $this->_result;

And to get the allowed methods:

public function getAllowedMethods()
    $allowed = explode(',', $this->getConfigData('allowed_methods'));
    $arr = [];
    $isByCode = $this->getConfigData('type') == 'UPS_XML';
    foreach ($allowed as $code) {
        $arr[$code] = $isByCode ? $this->getShipmentByCode($code) : $this->configHelper->getCode('method', $code);

    return $arr;

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