I configured a store with multiple websites on Magento 2. Each website is a different country or region and each website must manage it's own product quantity

I set quantity_and_stock_status attribute scope to website in Stores/Attributes/Product, but when I edit quantity in product detail under specific store view the value is saved for all views.

An example Two website: Italy and UK, Two stores: Milan under Italy with Milan StoreView, Manchester under UK with Manchester StoreView.

I select a product and select Manchester StoreView, edit quantity to a value (i.e 10) and save, the same quantity is reported in Milan StoreView. Near Quantity and Stock value is reported [STORE VIEW] scope and Use Default Value is unchecked.

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I wouldn't say something wrong, but I think it is not native in Magento. Anyway, I some modules do exactly what you want, if I understood correctly : Advanced Inventory


Currently Magento 2 does not support this. However there is a feature request languishing within the Magento 2 github repo where the expectation is that this may be delivered post 2.1.


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