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What is the difference between Product Attribute and Product Attribute Assigned sections in Conditions tab when creating a rule?

Both contain same set of options to select from but what is the difference between the two.enter image description here

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The difference between the two sections is the following:

  • The Product Attribute entries can be used to select products based on the value of a product attribute, using one the following operators: is, is not, equals or greater than, equals or less than, greater than, less than, contains, does not contain, is one of and is not one of (the input type of the product attribute determines which of these operators can be used).
  • The Product Attribute Assigned entries can be used to select products based on whether or not a product attribute is a assigned to a product. Looking at the actual implementation of the Mage_SalesRule_Model_Rule_Condition_Product_Attribute_Assigned::validate method, a product attribute is assigned to a product when both of the following conditions are met:
    1. The attribute is contained in the product's attribute set.
    2. The product's product type is contained in the attribute's applicable product types.

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