I want to move my magento site from AWS to Google and I want to make sure Im doing it the right way as I am new with google cloud computing. These are the steps Im planning on doing:

create an instance and install redis and my magento store on it. create sql for my DB create a snapshop of this instance create a template from this snapshot create a group of instances with the template create a load balancer and connect it with the instance group

is that the correct way to build a solid and fairly scalable magento site on Google cloud?

are there any other services I can use to make my store even more fast and scalable?

Any suggestions would be welcome (:


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From my experience, the perfect number to start with is 3 VM:

  • 1x web (this would be in a "webserver" group and hit by the loadbalancer)
  • 1x admin
  • 1x mysql (or CloudSql if your code is higly optimized)

From there, you could scale as much as the mysql can stand

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