I tried several migration ways for products from Magento 1 to Magento 2:

  1. Data-Migration-Tool by Magento

    Including mapping but only for documents (tables) and fields (table columns). Another problem is it doesn't migrate utf-8.

  2. Migraton-Tool by Ubertheme

    Nice tool! It doesn't completely overwrite all like Migration-Tool by Magento. But if I want to map Magento1-products to Magento2-products it doesn't know my own attributes and attribute sets I added to Magento2. So mapping doesn't work.

  3. own CSV Converter for Product Import in Admin

    Because the tools don't seem to allow mapping to own attributes and attribute sets so I tried to build own CSV converter for Magento1-CSV files to compatible Magento2-CSV files for Product Import in System->Import in admin in Magento2. But I saw the CSV structure of Magento CSV-files is too unstructured to build a converter.

So anybody has an idea how can I map old magento1-products to own magento2-attributes and attribute sets?

I have over a thousand products to migrate so manual setting of attributes and attribute sets for every product isn't an option.


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