I have a website named vintagecarradio that runs on Magento. It has been great to manage such a large store on this platform. However, everything was fine a while back but from a few days I have observed that the product subcategories are not getting displayed anymore in the back-end. They do not appear in the general category tree and neither they appear when I try to edit a particular product. However, they seem to be at their place and work fine when the website is browsed from the front end. Please help and advise.

Regards Brad


As answered to my question, i will suggest you to execute the query bellow against your database

INSERT INTO `catalog_category_entity` (`entity_id`,`children_count`, `level`)
    SELECT c.entity_id, COUNT(c2.children_count) as `children_count`, (LENGTH(c.path)-LENGTH(REPLACE(c.path,'/',''))) as `level`
    FROM catalog_category_entity c
    LEFT JOIN catalog_category_entity c2 ON c2.path like CONCAT(c.path,'/%')
    GROUP BY c.path
    ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE `children_count` = VALUES(`children_count`), `level` = VALUES(`level`)

This solved my issue and hope will work for you. reference

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