I'm adding a custom block that will reside on frontend pages which contain a Product List (catalog_category_view, catalogsearch_result_index, etc). The block needs to know which products are being displayed to the user.

I hoped to find an equivalent of the current_product registry item that's used on a product page; however so far I haven't found where I can readily retrieve this.

At the moment I'm handling the core_block_abstract_to_html_after event and then getting the collection from the Pager block:

public function coreBlockAbstractToHtmlAfter(Varien_Event_Observer $observer)
    $block = $observer->getEvent()->getBlock();
    if (!$block instanceof Mage_Page_Block_Html_Pager) {

    /** @var Mage_Page_Block_Html_Pager $list */
    $list = $block;
    $products = $list->getCollection();

    Mage::register('current_products', $products);

Have I reinvented the wheel? Is there a built-in option, or a better approach?

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STw,i don't thought that using core_block_abstract_to_html_after event,using !$block instanceof Mage_Page_Block_Html_Pager ,you did not get any product collection,because of:

For every product collection ,pager block does not called like related product collection at product details page, crossell products at checkout page.

So suggestion to use different for example:

Search & category pages,you can use: catalog_block_product_list_collection

Also,you use catalog_product_collection_load_after event which is called at every product collection.But just be carefull that You need fire this event for only frontend Area. other


Note: that is my thought.

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