I'm wandering on the internet for my question and i didn't find an answer for such a silly question... Everywhere you can see Luma Theme with nice boxes and swatches and blocks etc. but when you choose Luma Theme you have none of them. How can I have these files installed on my magento? Where can I find all the Luma Blocks and Widget?

See attached

a screenshot of the Luma Blocks

  • you need to install simple data for magento to see blocks and content Oct 13 '17 at 6:53

For Magento 2 fresh setup,

Luma theme is already set.

You can change luma theme from stores -> configraion -> design tab.

Now if you are working with luma theme,

All pages from store are already defined with Widgets.

You can find all widgets from Admin panel.

Content -> Widgets

Go to widgets page and you have seen 18 widget defined for luma theme.

Also Block are defined for luma theme find from

Content -> Block

Plz let me know if any issue about this.

  • There are no widgets and no blocks in my magento... And also, if i try to create them myself css will not work! But Luma Theme is usable... i mean Luma is shown on frontend but no blocks are! May 9 '16 at 7:58

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