There seem to be a few similar questions out there but I am struggling to find one that relates to what I need.

I have a custom module that has a View controller. A sample URL would be:


I would like to change this to something similar to:

or /this-is-a-store.html
or /our-stores/view/this-is-a-store

I'm sure you get the idea.

I have tried adding a url redirect as follows:

$store_url = str_replace(' ', '-', $store_model->getStoreTitle());
                    ->setTargetPath('our-stores/view/index/id/' . $store_model->getId())

This seems to partially work; if I go to /this-is-a-store it goes to the correct page by changes the URL in the address bar back to /our-stores/index/view/id/2

Can anyone please help me with a nice, clean way of achieving what I need?

If you need anything off me, please ask and I will provide.


So I figured it out myself and thought I'd share for anyone else who stumbled on this issue.

I simply changed the code in the question to:

    ->setIdPath('store_' . $store_model->getId())
    ->setTargetPath('our-stores/view/index/id/' . $store_model->getId())

The change that made the difference was not setting options to 'RF'.

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you can rewrite the url in magento admin panel itself.

Type - Custom 
Request path – /our-stores/index/view/id/2 
Targeted path - /our-stores/this-is-a-store

you can refer this link also rewite

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  • This seems to only work for categories and static CMS pages. Like I mentioned in my question, this is for a custom extension. I will need the pages to be created programmatically – Wildcard27 May 4 '16 at 6:14
  • No. you can add your own page url also same as you do for CMS page and product. it will be redirected. Try it – Manikandan May 4 '16 at 6:23

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