I’m unable to login in my Magento mobile store. I have multiple website Magento store. My main website URL is abc.com and for mobile it is m.abc.com. Perfectly works.

I am using different theme for mobile website and both website have 3 different languages store view.

My problem is that if I logged in my main store before then I couldn't login in my mobile site. If I delete all the cookies then it works.

How can solve this problem?


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Sounds like wrong settings in cookie domain.

In short, the problem are two cookies with the same content, and magento/apache/php doesn't know which one to use.

enter image description here

enter image description here

I think it isn't important wether frontend or backend, have a look on this blog entry by philwinkle about the problem:


Images stolen from philwinkle' blogpost, if it is not ok, tweet me.

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