Is there a guide on how to set up my front end and backend on separate servers? I am running magento 1.9.

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one server will be frontend:

  • domain name www.example.com
  • DNS ip pointed to www
  • cache and sessions connected to redis on admin server
  • /media/ folder mounted as NFS from admin server
  • /var/log/ folder mounted as NFS from admin server

second server admin:

  • domain name admin.example.com
  • DNS ip pointed to subdomain admin
  • cache and sessions configured in multiple redis instances
  • /media/ folder configured as shared NFS storage
  • /var/log/ folder configured as shared NFS storage
  • files and code changes on admin server only
  • rsync push from admin to frontend with delete option (delete non-existent files from frontend)
  • exclude folders from rsync like media and some var, and other folder you create only for admin use.

good when you have local network between servers.

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