I am having a problem with my magento 1.9.1 deployment. I have created custom tax rates:

enter image description here

However, I just received two orders with taxes charged based on the default magento tax rules:

Order from New York. (No taxes should be charged here) enter image description here

Order form California. (Should be charged 8.5%) enter image description here

Both of these orders are using the default tax settings out of the box. I'm not sure where these values are coming from. I have checked the database tables and don't see anything there. Any ideas?

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I would suggest using rricketts tax_rates.csv file to import all the correct tax rates.


Also take a look at http://rricketts.com/magento-us-tax-csv-file-all-50-states/

  • That won't work. My client only wants to charge tax in the above areas. I have entered them correctly, but somehow, they are pulling the default values for CA and NY May 4, 2016 at 15:47

Tax Rule Probably used an incorrect Customer Tax Class or Product Tax Class in Tax Rule


I think you forgot to select tax rates withing tax rules setting.

You need to go Sales -> Tax -> Manage tax rules.

If you have some rules already as default Not Logged In - Taxable Goods Not Logged-in and Retail Customer - Taxable Good - Rate 1 you need to go into that rule and select tax rates there

or if you don't have any tax rules just create a new ones for the retail customers and not logged in customers and select tax rates there.

enter image description here

enter image description here

tax rule edit

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