I have a review.phtml template that shows the review count of the current product using this code:

  $rc = $this->getReviewCount();
if($this->getReviewCount() == 1):
  echo '<img src="' . $this->getLogoSrc() . '" /> <strong>(' . $rc . ' review)</strong>';
elseif($this->getReviewCount() > 1):
  echo '<img src="' . $this->getLogoSrc() . '" /> <strong>(' . $rc . ' reviews)</strong>';

I want to show the review count somewhere else on the page(same product) by putting the code in summary.phtml where the default "leave a review" link is.

This doesnt work as I am sure I need to change $this to where the review.phtml template is?


Try this code in your .phtml file

$product = Mage::registry('current_product');
$rc = $product->getRatingSummary()->getReviewsCount();

Hope this helps.

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