We can't manage to sort by new as default in the category product list.

This does only work when we set the order option in the category back-end, but due to our large category three we can't do this manually for every category and subcategory.

Is there anyway to specify a the default sort order on categories?

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You can change this setting directly in the database, but this is always a bad idea, but if you only want to change it once, I would do it this way.


  1. check in eav_attribute for the attribute_id of the default_sort_by category attribute. Category attributes have normally the entity_type_id 3, but you can check this in eav_entity_type
  2. Check in catalog_category_entity_varchar for the new value in an already changed category.
  3. UPDATE catalog_category_entity_varchar SET value = '<your value>' WHERE attribute_id = <your attribute id>;

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