I have copied and pasted a working link and adjusted it to match the PDF I currently have in Filezilla. But I cannot get it to work... the code I have is:

href="/media/brochure/work_shelter_flyer_general.pdf" target="_blank">

Work and Storage Shelter

the file is in the correct folder in Filezilla so I'm wondering - what have I missed?!

  • For some reason it wouldn't let me add the whole code...
    – D.Palf
    Commented Apr 27, 2016 at 12:13

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Try to download your pdf with direct link http://YOURDOMAIN.com/media/brochure/work_shelter_flyer_general.pdf in browser.

If it works you can use full url with http://... for href value. If not check another files in media folder and double check spelling.

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