In Magento 2, Where is the value of locale in Magento system? Ex: from database or machine, or some place.

In file: Magento\Framework\Stdlib\DateTime\Timezone

     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function getDateFormat($type = \IntlDateFormatter::SHORT)
        return (new \IntlDateFormatter(

focus this line: $this->_localeResolver->getLocale()


Locale stored in system config (table core_config_data):


By default the locale is set in the Magento\Framework\Locale\Resolver::getDefaultLocale():

public function getDefaultLocale()
    if (!$this->defaultLocale) {
        $locale = $this->scopeConfig->getValue($this->getDefaultLocalePath(), $this->scopeType);
        if (!$locale) {
            $locale = self::DEFAULT_LOCALE;
        $this->defaultLocale = $locale;
    return $this->defaultLocale;

For receiving the current locale use Magento\Framework\Locale\Resolver::getLocale().


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