How to create dropdown/select box in magento system.xml for payment/shipping configuration

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Create drop down in system.xml and show custom values in it, rather than using default magento classes only

Directory : app/code/local/Companyname/Modulename/config/system.xml

In system.xml

  <Modulename translate="label" module="Modulename">
   <label>Payment Module</label>
   <paymentmethod translate="label comment">
       <label>Payment method</label>
       <comment>Omni Payment method.</comment>

If you want to create your custom source_Model, you need to do the following steps: Create a Pmethod.php in app/code/local/Companyname/Modulename/Model/Pmethod.php Companyname_Modulename is our module name. You need to create a function name toOptionArray() as mention below, the value and label can be anything you want to be display in dropdown

In Pmethod.php

class Companyname_Modulename_Model_Pmethod
    public function toOptionArray()
        return array(
                'value' => 'key1',
                'label' => 'Label 1',
                'value' => 'key2',
                'label' => 'label 2',
  • How to show selected value in backend dropdown? Because after saving it's not showing selected value in dropdpwn. Jun 23 '17 at 6:45
  • You need to check <source_model>Modulename/Modelname</source_model> with same value as Model Jun 24 '17 at 9:17
  • Yes that's correct in mine, Values are fetched properly but after saving it's not showing selected value in dropdown. Jun 25 '17 at 20:24

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