I'm using Magento on a CentOS VPS.

I'm trying to copy my Magento store from a web hosting server to my backup server(The VPS)

I ensured mod_rewrite was on for apache, the front-end now works properly. But now i'm unable to access the admin. Or i can but under really weird circumstances.

For instance, i'll access the admin panel typing in

/IP ADDRESS/Website/admin

and the panel loads up. I try in credentials but then the web url goes to


To fix this, i manually add a / between website and index.php. Appearing like /website/index.php. It works for that single page, but if you click on something else, the intialy error will appear.

I looked into the apache Error_log and it just mentions

script '/var/www/html/websiteindex.php' not found or unable to stat

Things I've tried:

  • Ensured Mod_rewrite is working. Works on the front end.
  • Applied MYSQL Query search mentioned here Error 404 - Can't access backend after moving to new server
  • .htaccess has AllowOverride all at <directory "/var/www/html>
  • Access admin panel by typing /IP ADDRESS/website/index.php/admin. Initial error occurs

Any ideas?

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The issue is just because you may forget to add a slash ( ‘/’) at the end of base url in system configuration settings.

/IP ADDRESS/Website/

Please try adding the same and test it again.

  • Looks like this was the solution after all. I did applied this to my VPS Server and it worked. The first i applied it, changes didn't take effect even after restarting. I cleared the Magento Cache by removing the /var/cache folder and it works fine now!
    – Dequan W
    Apr 25, 2016 at 22:18

When you transfer magento1.9 website from live server to localhost, make sure in root folder .htaccess file exists. If not than you wont be able to access admin panel.

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