Clear like the title. I want to insert data into my new create table. How to write code, with what method?

Please help me, thanks!

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Magento use MVC structure,So you need to create a custom module,which are an installer script and a model

  • First create a database table using installer script.
  • Then create a model for this table.
  • Now using model you can save your data at database.

See more details at

Assume that you have using first referecne then for insert a new record at table you can use below code:

$model->setData('customer_name','Testin test');
$model->setData('customer_email','[email protected]');
$model->save(); /* use save() for save data at table */
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    Thanks, Amit Bera! My situation is different, my data is an array of multiple data. Finally, I got it by method 'insertOnDuplicate()'.
    – Jeffery
    Apr 27, 2016 at 7:51

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