I am kinda stuck with this issue here. I am getting this error code in PHP:

PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined method Mage_Catalog_Model_Product_Type_Simple::getUsedProducts() in line 23...

Since I am kinda new to Magento I am wondering if somehow this code snippet I got might be wrong or so. Maybe you guys could take a look and let me know if it all seems right. I can't even var_dump the $_products variable.

Here is the code snippet: https://ghostbin.com/paste/n9t23

Thanks in advance!


You have to check that product is configurable or child so you should change code like below

public function getStockInfo($_product)
        $stockVariants = array();
        $usedProducts = $_product->getTypeInstance(true)-     >getUsedProducts(null, $_product);

        foreach ($usedProducts as $simple) 
            $stock =(int)Mage::getModel('cataloginventory/stock_item')->loadByProduct($simple)->getQty();
            if ($stock >= 3) {
                $stock = 3;
            $stockVariants[$simple->getSize()] = $stock;

        return $stockVariants;


Hope it works.


Problem is that you are getting the child products from a simple product.

You need to add the following condition before declaring the $usedProducts variable:

if ($_product->getTypeId == "configurable")

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