Is there a way to add a 'Add to Cart and Checkout' button to the product page, so that the product is added to the cart and then takes the user straight to the checkout?

  • You mean you want to redirect to Checkout page immediately after adding a product to cart successfully? – Khoa TruongDinh Apr 23 '16 at 7:02

By default, Magento used Ajax in product page. When pressing the add to cart button, the data will be sent to vendor/magento/module-checkout/Controller/Cart/Add.php. I have two suggestions for you.

Navigate to vendor/magento/module-catalog/view/frontend/web/js/catalog-add-to-cart.js, we can see ajaxSubmit function which will handle the response data from the server. It will check the back Url that it will redirect to if this url exists.

    success: function(res) {
             //Line 70 ~ 80       
             if (res.backUrl) {
                        window.location = res.backUrl;

And then, go to the cart controller vendor/magento/module-checkout/Controller/Cart/Add.php. In execute() method, if a product is added to cart successfully, Magento will call a goBack method to resolve the response data.

protected function goBack($backUrl = null, $product = null)
        if (!$this->getRequest()->isAjax()) {
            return parent::_goBack($backUrl);

        $result = [];

        if ($backUrl || $backUrl = $this->getBackUrl()) {
            $result['backUrl'] = $backUrl;
        } else {
            if ($product && !$product->getIsSalable()) {
                $result['product'] = [
                    'statusText' => __('Out of stock')


As can we see, the back url will get the url value from $backUrl argument or $this->getBackUrl(). If we set one, Magento will redirect to it. So, basically, we have two ways to redirect to checkout page.

1. We may rewrite the execute() method and add a back url(this way not recommend). For example:


     if (!$this->_checkoutSession->getNoCartRedirect(true)) {
            if (!$this->cart->getQuote()->getHasError()) {
                $message = __(
                    'You added %1 to your shopping cart.',
            //Back Url here
            $backUrl = 'checkout';
            //return $this->goBack(null, $product); => Old code
            return $this->goBack($backUrl, $product); // New code

2. We add a return url in the product page template, should rewrite also (easier way). For example, add a return url inside the product view form.


<form ...>
   <input type="hidden" name="return_url" value="<?php echo $this->getUrl('checkout');?>">

More advanced, Magento has a config STORES > Configuration > SALES > Checkout > Shopping Cart > After Adding a Product Redirect to Shopping Cart. We can follow the logic of this option to build our own redirect.


that's an ajax call, triggered by


so you could extend the widget ( here how: https://learn.jquery.com/jquery-ui/widget-factory/extending-widgets/ ) adding your own function ajaxSubmitAndGoToCheckout or overwriting the exisiting one if you want to leave the phtml untouched.

The idea is to make a js redirect to checkout on request success.

Obviously, with the second option, ALL the request would redirect to checkout.


  • looking at the response callback there's a if (res.backUrl) { window.location = res.backUrl; return; } maybe you could add this response attribute to redirect to checkout – Michele Ongaro Apr 23 '16 at 8:13

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