Anyone used to get certification of Magento 2.

May you show me how to get certification of Magento 2 ?

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You can check details from magento site. magento certifications link

Magento Certifications for Developer

1. Adobe Certified Expert-Magento Commerce Order Management Developer

2. Adobe Certified Expert-Magento Commerce Developer

3. Adobe Certified Expert-Magento Commerce Business Practitioner

4. Adobe Certified Professional—Magento Commerce Developer

5. Adobe Certified Master Magento Commerce Architect

6. Adobe Certified Expert-Magento Commerce Front-End Developer

7. Adobe Certified Expert-Magento Commerce JavaScript Developer

6. Adobe Certified Expert Magento Commerce Cloud Developer


1. Before appearing for the exam we need to prepare the for the exam

2. Exam Vouchers

  • Exam Voucher (Get 50% discount on your first purchase using Holiday22 coupon code. The promo is valid till December 31, 2022)
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You can register for Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist (Beta) exam. Registration begins August 4 2017. Test dates for this Beta exam will be August 14-25.

More Info on registration and certification is available at: https://u.magento.com/certification


MAGENTO 2 CERTIFIED SOLUTION SPECIALIST (BETA EXAM) is from August 14th to August 25th, 2017

  • This Beta exam will be limited to 200 registrants.

  • exam at a discounted rate of $130

  • 150 Multiple Choice items/180 minutes to complete the exam

  • All questions are valid for Magento Community Edition (2.0.x/2.1.x) and Magento Enterprise Edition (2..0.x/2.1.x).

Register fast as this Beta exam will be limited to 200 registrants.

Link : https://u.magento.com/certification-magento2-solution-specialist-1


MAGENTO 2 CERTIFIED SOLUTION SPECIALIST exam is available now please check below link


You can also find study guide for Magento 2 exam from this link


Developer Certification is released. https://u.magento.com/magento-2-certified-professional-developer

Solution specialist certification also available https://u.magento.com/certified-magento2-solution-specialist


i would like to recommand you this all-in-one blog post: https://firebearstudio.com/blog/how-to-pass-the-magento-2-certification.html

it's a very good starting point to get a clear and concise overview of the official Magento Certification program with few pointers to good materials on internet (blogs, youtube channels, alternative options for training courses ..) to start your preparation.

also have a look at the official Magento certification directory and try to get touch with those who already get certified in order to get feedback, hints, advises and some encouragement.

and last but not least START with the official devdocs.


I purchased Magento Certification Voucher (After Magento Purchase by Adobe ) from below link.


and you will get mail after successfully place voucher order.In that mail step by step info to book exam date on below site


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