I need to decide whether I list these query parameters out in Search-Engine-Indexers (like it's advisable for SID) or if I can safely remove them from the pre-made templates (language switcher).

With my setup, I provide the store-code for run-type "store" already via the server configuration and therefore I would normally say that ___store is not needed (technically).

But I wonder a bit about the ___from_store key and whether it's useful or not.

I've also seen that cookies are used to keep the store code which I think can also be optimized away as the store-code - as written - is already provided via server configuration (environment).

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___from_store is used somehow to determine the url rewrite of the current page.
Let's me give an example.
You have 2 store views. EN and FR.
In EN you have the url product.pthml.
In FR you have the same product respond to produit.phtml.

When you are on the EN store view on product.phtml and you switch the language you are going go to product.phtml?___from_store=en.
You don't have an URL rewrite for product.phtml on your FR store (you have only produit.phtml) but the page still works.
It works because of ___from_store.
Magento knows to look for the url rewrite of product.phtml on the EN store view, map it internaly to the url catalog/product/view/id/27 and display the same product but on FR language.

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