I am executing the functional test for custom module. I am getting below error.

Namespace\Module\Test\TestCase\CreatePincodeEntityTest::test with data set "CreatePincodeEntityTestVariation1" (CreatePincodeEntityTestVariation1) InvalidArgumentException: Cannot generate class "Namespace\Module\Test\Block\Adminhtml\Pincode\Edit\PincodeForm". Unknown type block in /dev/tests/functional/vendor/magento/mtf/Magento/Mtf/Code/Generator.php:62

How to solve the above error.

If i run generate.php, getting same error.

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Most likely you have error in your block namespace. Check if your block is located in \Namespace\Module\Test\Block\Adminhtml\Pincode\Edit\PincodeForm. Probably this block has another namespace.

Same issue here: https://github.com/magento/mtf/issues/23

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