I am try to upgrade my magento from to but gives following errors

    Package community/Interface_Adminhtml_Default conflicts with: community/Mage_All_Latest
    Package community/Interface_Frontend_Default conflicts with: community/Mage_All_Latest
    Package community/Interface_Install_Default conflicts with: community/Mage_All_Latest
    and so on....

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Perhaps you missed the package Info file which is created by Magento by default when it is installed for the first time.

Go to pkginfo and delete the file Mage_All_Latest.txt.

Then you're all set.

Hope this works for you


Look at the top of these errors, there must be an error showing that the magento_all_lates.txt can't be deleted from /pkginfo. Try to delete that file manually. Then try again.

Hope this will solve your problem

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