According to this example Add new field in magento(1.9) customer registration

How can I show the customer License Number on admin panel order view page (account information tab)?

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In addition to adding the customer attribute as explained in Add new field in magento(1.9) customer registration you have to add a new attribute on the quote and the order called customer_licence_number. (add them as columns to the tables sales_flat_quote and sales_flat_order). The prefix customer_ is very important.
Then you have to add in the config.xml of you module, under the tags <config><global><fieldsets> this:


this should make magento copy the value of licence_number from the customer to the quote and from the quote to the order.
And because the attribute code starts with customer_ it will be displayed in the order details page right up there with customer name, email, DOB and others.

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