I would like to setup a promotion in my Magento system, I not sure defualt magento can do this,

Anyway here is the task:

I have Three products in cart •Product A: $50 •Product B: $100 •Product C: $70

And I have 10% off coupon code, this coupon is applicable only for price of "Product B" not for subtotal of "Product A", "Product B" and "Product C".

If I am following default Magento "Shopping Cart Price rule" discount will be $22(50+100+70*10/100) so GrandTotal is $198(50+100+70-22).

But I need discount $10(100*10/100) so GrandTotal is $210(50+100+70-10) Please help me on this, suggest me to a module which can do this.

I am using Magento ver.


  • Your coupon code is only for this product or you have several products apply this?
    – Mujahidh
    Apr 19, 2016 at 7:26
  • I have to add this coupon for sevral products! may be "•Product D" and "• Product E" also, but how to handle other products?(Product A and Product C) :( Apr 21, 2016 at 6:20
  • i answered to this question,Hope it will help you.
    – Mujahidh
    Apr 21, 2016 at 8:03

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You can use below approach to create Coupon Code for any particular product:-


  • Login to Admin
  • Go to Promotions -> Shopping Cart Price Rules
  • Click Add New Rule
  • Fill Rule Information

Give conditions

  • On left sidebar, click Conditions tab
  • Click + icon
  • Select Product attribute combination
  • Click + icon
  • Select SKU
  • Now, you will see SKU is
  • Add your product SKU over there

Note that the SKU option may not show up by default.(Go to: catalog -> attributes -> manage attributes. Then search for the ‘SKU’ attribute and set the drop down ‘Use for Promo Rule Conditions’ to YES and re-index if needed.)

Set Actions

  • You can set how much discount you want to give from here
  • Save Rule

Find below image for sku condition enter image description here

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