I have a big problem. Everytime I backup my magento store I have to re-set up the permissions for my folders and files. This consumes much time in which my store isn't reachable. Anyone got a solution for this? I only saw changing the permissions via FileZilla ect. but this is sooo time consuming. Thank you for the help.


I recomand you this tool. Put the file "magento-cleanup.php" in magento root folder and run the file in browser. This file change permitions for all files and folders, clearing cache folder, session folder, minifycache folder, pearlib cache folder, pearlib download folder, pear.ini file.

Good luck with that

  • Thank you for your answer! Is there a different in speed between this and changing permissions via filezilla? – urson88en Apr 18 '16 at 6:44
  • view this printscreen for FileZilla – St3phan Apr 18 '16 at 6:50
  • @urson88en - It's ok printscreen? You did? – St3phan Apr 19 '16 at 22:22

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