I used a Layered Navigation SEO to make my layered navigation to have a multiselect on filter and AJAX updater result and layered navigation. Every filter in layered navigation is in Bootstrap 3 collapse. The problem is that when user extend a filter and select something, layered navigation is reloaded by AJAX request and every field is collapsed, witch is annoying.

I want to make some customization on that and add to each filter some unique HTML attribute like data-attribute-code and add some info about witch collapse are extend, so I can set then to be extended when layered navigation is reloaded. Current problem that i have is that i can get only the name of the filter with $_filter->getName() witch is not good to use like identification for filter. But when i try to get a attribute code or id i get empty stings. I try with this code


If someone can help me and show how to get attribute ID or Code i will be very thankful.


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This will give the attribute code:


You can get attribute id by using the following:

// $attributeCode = YOUR_ATTRIBUTE_CODE; 
// In your case it will be as below:
$attributeCode = $_filter->getRequestVar();

$attributeInfo = Mage::getResourceModel('eav/entity_attribute_collection')

$attributeId = $attributeInfo->getAttributeId();

Please try this :

 <?php foreach ($_filters as $_filter): ?>
     <?php $attributemode = $_filter->getAttributeModel();
             echo $attributeCode = $attributemode->getAttributeCode();
         } ?>
 <?php endforeach; ?>

This give you attribute code.

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