Is it possible to get list of all overridden controllers ?

How do I get a list of all class rewrites? mainly applies for blocks, helpers and models.

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The xpath solution works also for controller overrides, if you modify it to:

print_r( Mage::getConfig()->getNode()->xpath('//routers/*/args/modules/../..'));

Note that not all of these are actual "overrides", some just add new methods to existing routes. For example, all custom admin controllers will show up below Mage_Adminhtml because they all are added to the adminhtml route.


I also highly recommend n98's Magento CLI toolkit, n98-magerun. https://github.com/netz98/n98-magerun

To get an output of rewrites you would do n98-magerun.phar dev:module:rewrite:list

You can also check for conflicts specifically by using n98-magerun.phar dev:module:rewrite:conflicts

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    This doesn't include controller overrides, only models, blocks and helpers.
    – 7ochem
    May 25, 2018 at 14:49

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