When using jquery .change on an input the event will only be fired when the input loses focus

In my case, I need to make a call to the service (check if value is valid or empty) as soon as the input value is changed. How could I accomplish this? this validation for without using submit event.

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Open file js/prototype/validation.js

Find the following section

Validation.defaultOptions = {
    onSubmit : true,
    stopOnFirst : false,
    immediate : false,
    focusOnError : true,
    useTitles : false,
    addClassNameToContainer: false,
    containerClassName: '.input-box',
    onFormValidate : function(result, form) {},
    onElementValidate : function(result, elm) {}

and change immediate : false, to immediate : true,

Or you can create new js file with content

Validation.defaultOptions.immediate = true;

and add it below js/prototype/validation.js

Or add inline js before your form creation

<script type="text/javascript">
    Validation.defaultOptions.immediate = true;

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