i'm going to clean an hosting where different databases and magento sites exist. My target is to delete everything but the one i need. The problem is that database manager prompts me different database (5), 2 of them are not connected to my magento choosed installation, the others 3 seems to be equals. I tried to explore tables that could help me, like admin_user and core_config_data, but those 3 databases seems to be the same themselves. My question is: how can i retrieve the database currently used by my installation in Magento? Another question is: these 3 dbs could be connected each other?

Thank you

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You should be able to check the local.xml file in app/etc/. The database name should be listed around the middle of the file and should list the database name as well as other useful info.


Its probably quicker to just look in to env.php in the same directory, database is at top, virtually the first entry.

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