After searching for examples using "magento add attribute to product programmatically" I keep getting copious results on adding or removing ATTRIBUTES programmatically.

I want to programmatically add attribute values to a specific product - both the product and the attribute (and options) will have already been created previously. Something like:

function addAttributeToProduct($product, $attribute, $option_value, $scope='global'){ ...

Where $product could be the object or could be the product SKU, $attribute could be the attribute object or the attribute name, etc. with $option_value.

How would I do this?

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It should work something along these lines:


$prod = Mage::getModel('catalog/product');
// get the product ID from the sku
$productId = $prod->getIdBySku($product); // if $product is the SKU
// load the product
$productToEdit = $prod->load($productId);
// set the attributes
$productToEdit->setAttributeName(array($options)); // 'AttributeName' is the name of your attribute using CamelCase (eg testattribute = TestAttribute)
// save

To see how the attribute options should be formatted, use var_dump($productToEdit->getAttributeName())

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