I currently use the following code to check if the attribute got a specific value.

<?php if ($_product->getAttributeText('brand_name') == "Cisco"): ?>

But now I need to add another value that it needs to check.

Is this the correct way to check this?

 <?php if ($_product->getAttributeText('brand_name') == "Cisco" && $_product->getAttributeText('brand_name') == "Dell"): ?>

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The code you pasted:

<?php if ($_product->getAttributeText('brand_name') == "Cisco" && $_product->getAttributeText('brand_name') == "Dell"): ?>


If the brand name is Cisco AND Dell.

That's very unlikely in my opinion.

If you want to know:

If the brand name is Cisco OR Dell.

You can do:

<?php if ($_product->getAttributeText('brand_name') == "Cisco" || $_product->getAttributeText('brand_name') == "Dell"): ?>

Or another way of doing it is:

<?php if (in_array($_product->getAttributeText('brand_name'),array("Cisco","Dell")): ?>

Try this:


if(in_array($_product->getAttributeText('brand_name'), array('Cisco','Dell','Sony'))) {


You can use

Mage::hepler('catalog/product')->productAttribute($_product, $_product->getBrandName(), 'brand_name')

But as you are using asking this attribute multiple times. So You can use


So that your code works fast.

Also you can do it by using array check

in_array($_product->getAttributeText('brand_name'), array('A','B','C'));

Where A,B,C is the value of checking

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