I have been working with Magento 1.9.x version for quite a long time.

But yet I have no idea when is the Total Due amount generated, is it generated after the Invoice is Paid ?

Please anyone provide full information on "Total Due" amount which is displayed in Order and why not displayed in Invoice and how to display it.

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You need to give the total due amount an invoice for that order.

And this quite fair to do it manually. Because when you will use a COD payment method at that time how system will know that what amount has been paid?

That's why i will say that this is good to do it manually.


Order placed if it not paid, total due amount is equal to grand total. It's calculate when order placed.

E.g I have two item in order but one is invoiced means it paid and other one is remain as unpaid.See in below image.

enter image description here

Total due does not on invoice because While invoice any order it will capture amount.

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