First I should say that there are many questions and answers on this topic around the web but I'm not finding anything close to what's happening here so I really hope someone here is able to help.

I have the wysiwyg disabled by default and when I click on Insert Image the pop up comes up as expected but is not fully rendered, see attached screen shot.

The console is saying Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier, see attached screen shot.

Image Upload dialogue window

Console error

Prototype js error

I have disabled all extensions to rule out conflict + both media and wysiwyg folders have 777 permissions.

EDIT: I have tested Chrome, Firefox and Safari on Mac + Chrome on PC, all with the same result.

Just let me know if I left out any necessary info!

Big thanks in advance!

  • Have you tried a different browser?
    – pspahn
    Nov 19, 2013 at 16:04
  • See my edit above. Nov 19, 2013 at 16:39

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So after a day of diving into this issue; disabling modules, enabling modules, removing changes in local etc etc, I found the problem.

I used an extension called PhPro_Translate to do a large amount of translations for front and backend from English to Swedish and so in my std install I have just inserted all the rows of translations into core_translate (as the extension does). It turns out that one of the 80 or so translated strings under the Mage_Cms module cause the error. I honestly did not have the energy to look into exactly which string as I still have 3400 rows working :), but I have a vague idea it could have been a Swedish word with umlauts.

In the very unlikely event that someone else runs into the same problem, that's the answer!


UPDATE: Since this could have implications in other contexts, here's what caused the js error. In one of the translations I had used single quotes around a word to denote it was the original English term but I had forgotten to escape the quotes. Voilà!

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