I need to Remove Review tab and their content in product detail page. I can find Details and More Information tab in catalog_product_view.xml under the group attribute detailed_info. But I can't found anything related to Review tab Declaration.In debug mode also not provide that much detail to find layout.

for example I found Detail tab in catalog_product_view.xml

<argument name="title" translate="true" xsi:type="string">Details</argument>

which layout xml file contain review tab declaration?

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Magento have Review module. Check following file where declare reviews.tab.


  • OMG I thought all the product detail page elements are resides on Magento/Catalog. How you found appropriate layout easily any tricks you have please share with this answer its more helpful to beginners Apr 5, 2016 at 17:35

If you are using the default luma theme, then go to

your magento root/vendor/magento/theme-frontend-luma/Magento_Theme/layout/default.xml

add below line inside the <body> tag :

<referenceBlock name="reviews.tab" remove="true" />
  <referenceBlock name="product.review.form" remove="true" />
  <referenceBlock name="product.info.review" remove="true" />

If you are using a custom theme, you need to do the same change at below location :

your magento root/app/design/frontend/Your Theme NAME_SPACE/theme name/etc/Magento_Theme/layout/default.xml

P.S. Flush the cache after you finish, to see the change.

  • thanks for the reply. I think my title lead to misunderstood the question, I need to know which layout contain reviews tab declaration(which xml file?). Apr 5, 2016 at 15:11
  • upvote you for the effort, its useful :-) Apr 5, 2016 at 17:31
  • Thanks, The first line of your question was misleading.! Apr 6, 2016 at 1:45
  • For the custom theme case I believe you have an extra "etc" on the path. It should be your magento root/app/design/frontend/Your Theme NAME_SPACE/theme name/Magento_Theme/layout/default.xml
    – pfandrade
    Dec 12, 2017 at 14:45

In magento2 you can remove any block by their name.
For exp:
<referenceBlock name="footer_links" remove="true"/>

To do this we need to create a custom theme, don't touch the default Magento file for best practice. For create a theme follow this link : How to create a Child Theme in Magento 2, If you have already a custom theme skip this one.

Now open app/design/frontend/theme_package/theme/Magento_Theme/layout/default.xml and under <body> node put the following code:

<referenceBlock name="reviews.tab" remove="true"/>

Clear your magento cache refresh the page.
In the same way you can remove other unnecessary block from your site.

  • thanks for the reply I know this procedure already. I think my title lead to misunderstood the question, I need to know which layout contain reviews tab declaration(which xml file?). Apr 5, 2016 at 15:14

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