I have see all answer of question, How do I set Developer Mode in Magento 2

All are good.

But suddenly i got another solution myself ,by directly change MAGE_MODE value at env.php(app/etc/ ) and here change current application mode from default to developer by MAGE_MODE' => 'default' to MAGE_MODE' => 'developer' .

and it been works.

But now my question is that this a good solution for change Application mode?.

Please put your views.

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This is exactly what bin/magento deploy:mode:set is doing.

See Magento\Deploy\Model\Mode::setStoreMode():

 * Store mode in env.php
 * @param string $mode
 * @return void
protected function setStoreMode($mode)
    $data = [
        ConfigFilePool::APP_ENV => [
            State::PARAM_MODE => $mode

Generally, env.php is a generated file that is not meant to be modified manually. Changing values there will work though, as they are read from the file before any other changes are made automatically.

In conclusion, you can do it but there should be no reason to if you have access to the bin/magento CLI tool.

  • last conclusion is seem good .
    – Amit Bera
    Apr 7, 2016 at 12:30

After some time experimenting with modes, especially with deployment workflows, I'd like to highlight a slight difference btw setting mode via bin/magento and changing the app/etc/env.php file.

The bin/magento deploy:mode:set production automatically triggers other actions, such as setting maintenance mode, deploying static contents, compiling DI etc.

In some circumstances (like during a deployment process) you would like to have control on these actions, thus changing the app/etc/env.php manually could be a viable option.

Hope it helps.

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