I'm creating csv file for shipping in Magento.

Shipping Rule is:

  1. If Sub-Total is above Rs.800 , Shipping will be free.
  2. If Sub Total is below Rs.800 and weight is between 1-250gm , shipping will Rs 13. for local city weight is between 1-250gm , shipping will Rs 15. for Gujarat State

I have create something like this

Country Region/State    Zip/Postal Code     Weight (and above)  Shipping Price
IND          Gujarat        380%                 1                  13
IND          Gujarat         *                   1                  15

here zip code for local city is (380001,380002.....380085)

My Question is :

  1. How can I set shipping charge for local ? Whether it is possible using zip code, what format is correct ?
  2. I have free shipping enable from configuration of Shipping Method. But when Sub total exceeds from Rs.800 , It show radio button. how can I remove table rate if amount is going to above Rs.800

Output something like

enter image description here

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Free Shipping. You can set it as the shopping cart rule and disable the "Free Shipping" method at all. It solves the first issue.

Free Shipping

For the second issue, you probably need advanced shipping table rates module, there are a few of them at the magento connect.

  • I am using webshop matrix rate for shipment, how can i give free shipping based on zipcodes?
    – Gem
    Commented Oct 1, 2018 at 9:44

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