I'm running magento 1.5 and in logs I see a lot of errors:

var/cache/mage--5/mage---internal-metadatas---080_CONFIG_GLOBAL_CRONTAB): failed to open stream: Permission denied

the permissions for files in cache/mage--0/mage-- are 0600. Which I think is wrong and should be 0644. But when I reset them after an hour they get back to 0600. I think the magento cron user is wrong or something in that direction but cannot progress any further.

Any ideas where to look?

I think the issue started when I applied the 7405 v.1.1 supee patch, but not 100% sure.

Tried resetting permissions, deleting cache, varnish etc.


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Finally the issue was that the indexer cron was set to execute as root instead of magento user.

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