I am trying to upgrade all packages via Magento Connect Manager but keep getting the following:

Checking dependencies of packages

CONNECT ERROR: Package community/Phoenix_Moneybookers conflicts with: community/Mage_All_Latest
Package community/Mage_Core_Modules conflicts with: community/Interface_Frontend_Base_Default, community/Interface_Frontend_Default, community/Interface_Frontend_Rwd_Default, community/Interface_Install_Default, community/Mage_All_Latest, community/Mage_Centinel, community/Mage_Compiler, community/Mage_Core_Adminhtml, community/Magento_Mobile, community/Phoenix_Moneybookers
Package community/Lib_Varien conflicts with: community/Mage_Core_Modules
Package community/Lib_Google_Checkout conflicts with: community/Mage_Core_Modules
Package community/Lib_Js_Calendar conflicts with: community/Mage_Core_Adminhtml, community/Mage_Core_Modules
Package community/Lib_Js_Mage conflicts with: community/Mage_Core_Modules
Package community/Lib_Phpseclib conflicts with: community/Mage_Core_Modules
Package community/Mage_Locale_en_US conflicts with: community/Mage_Core_Modules
Package community/Lib_Mage conflicts with: community/Mage_Core_Modules
Package community/Lib_Magento conflicts with: community/Mage_Core_Modules
Package community/Lib_Credis conflicts with: community/Cm_RedisSession, community/Lib_Cm, community/Mage_Core_Modules
Package community/Lib_Pelago conflicts with: community/Mage_Core_Modules
Package community/Lib_Unserialize conflicts with: community/Mage_Core_Modules
Package community/Lib_IDNA2 conflicts with: community/Mage_Core_Modules
Package community/Lib_ZF conflicts with: community/Lib_Varien
Package community/Lib_Js_Prototype conflicts with: community/Lib_Js_Mage, community/Mage_Core_Modules
Package community/Lib_ZF_Locale conflicts with: community/Lib_ZF

I have deleted /pkginfo/Mage_All_latest.txt as per other suggestions I found, but nothing changes. How I can I fix this?

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Delete pkginfo/Mage_All_latest.txt and then from magento connect try to upgrade only mage_all_latest only.. It will upgrade everything successfully without any issues.

I did same and it worked.

Let me know if you need help.

  • Hi, tried this, but ended with partially deleted magento files. I had backup so I rolled back, but I'm not sure what was the reason for this deletion.
    – Sharif
    Jul 14, 2016 at 17:43
  • The path of pkginfo is ~..... public_html/pkginfo/Mage_All_latest.txt Jan 7, 2020 at 2:18

I deleted pkginfo/Mage_All_latest.txt and then from Magento Connect, upgraded Mage_All_Latest to and it upgraded everything successfully without any issues.


In my case there were files that couldn't be replaced because they were considered folders instead of files. Check the errors from the upgrade, as they are giving you instructions on what to delete: upgrade-all: Failed to delete files:



and this is why the upgrade fails. Connect ftp to your server and delete them. Remove them and give again the uprade command: ./mage upgrade-all --force

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