I have two stores on my website English (test.com) and Spain (test.es). How do I specify the login url for customer accounts? On the English site it would be test.com/customer/account/login/ and on the Spanish site I want the login url to be test.es/clientes/cuenta/iniciarsesión/. I have added a custom url rewrite with the following:

Type: Custom
Store: Spain
ID Path: Login
Request Path: clientes/cuenta/iniciarsesión/
Target Path: customer/account/login/
Redirect: No

But when I go to test.es/clientes/cuenta/iniciarsesión/ I see the page not found message (in Spanish). If I go to test.se/customer/account/login/ the login page will appear.

How can I get it to work so the customer login page (and other customer account pages) uses a Spanish url (that I would specify or generate automatically)?

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Here's a discussion on how it can be achieved and the pro's and con's of doing it Translate url keys when switching store

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